Peninsula Business Interiors (PBI) Becomes One Workplace Monterey Bay

MONTEREY BAY, CA – March 16, 2023 – Four years after it announced the acquisition of Salinas’ Peninsula Business Interiors (PBI), One Workplace announces a relaunch of the company as One Workplace Monterey Bay. The name change acknowledges an evolution in the company’s position as a partner dedicated to helping organizations make work more human. By deepening its practice in Monterey Bay, One Workplace is also cementing its belief that better work experiences should be created in the individual local communities where work happens.

“We are continuing to introduce progressive ways of thinking about space at a time where organizations need partners to navigate a new world of work” said Mark Baker, CEO of One Workplace. “For us, the workplace is more than a place where people commute to work. It’s where they go to interact, create, and feel a sense of connection and belonging during the day. By Using our multiple locations as a large Living Lab, we’re challenging ourselves to think deeply about what space is and what it can do for a company. This is the thinking and practice we’re bringing to Monterey Bay.”

The Santa Clara-based company is the largest interior solutions firm on the West Coast with deep expertise in workplace design as a catalyst for people, brand and culture.

“Our solutions go beyond furniture We’re constantly looking at how construction, technology, and services come together to deliver a better experience for employees,” said TJ Protsman, sales leader for the Monterey Bay office. “What we’ve learned about space and the role it plays in our lives over the past few years has prepared us to help our clients focus on making coming into an office, school, or healthcare environment more meaningful and worthwhile for employees, students, and patients.

Santa Clara-based One Workplace is anchored by its legacy as one of Steelcase’s largest partners, offering 1000+ lines of materials and ancillary furniture, teams that specialize in technology, construction (prefab and onsite) and expertise in optimizing space in service of a organization’s mission.

Peninsula Business Interiors was acquired in October 2018 as a part of the company’s West Coast expansion. Recent projects of note include The Monterey Bay Aquarium Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership, Hartnell College, Santa Catalina School and Montage Health’s Ohana Mental Health Center.

About One Workplace

One Workplace creates new ways of working by helping companies bring their brands and cultures to life. As the West Coast’s leading interior solutions provider, One Workplace brings construction, technology, furniture and services together under one roof to create better spaces, build powerful brands, and empower stronger cultures from the inside out. For more information, visit