Empath™, our latest recliner, is a crucial step forward in the patient care process ― one developed entirely from real-world insights. Our team spent more than 2,000 hours observing the relationship between caregivers and patients. We saw how current environments can be enhanced to reduce risks to both patients and caregivers, while increasing physical and emotional connectedness. Empath is designed to reduce the stress and potential for injury, not only for patients, but for caregivers too. It also addresses the interpersonal side of healing with design advances that help remove the barriers to patient-caregiver connection. The patient transfer process is essential to the design of Empath. For patients, the move from bed to chair is a milestone in their journey toward recovery. For caregivers, it’s an inherently difficult process due to patient limitations and the sheer number of times it’s performed. The thoughtful design of Empath considers both the patient and caregiver, and helps to provide a safer, easier transfer process.