Design inspiration

The Mineral™ recliner was developed as an elegant solution to address a myriad of obstacles inherent in the typical patient room. A frame completely constructed of steel provides the durability necessary for a 24/7 healthcare environment. The recliner’s depth is 3 to 5 inches smaller than many recliners in the industry and in addition to, saving space, it helps users exit the chair more easily. And when it comes to the issue of usability? Mineral recliner is available with a simple flip-down arm to assist in easily transferring a patient into or out of the recliner. The result is less strain on the staff and a more comfortable experience for the patient. True to its name, Mineral recliner should be a natural element in the design of any patient room.


Features and benefits


The backrest operates independent of the legrest, allowing users to select a recline position that provides the highest level of comfort.


Optional flip-down arm, available on either side of the recliner, assists with patient transfer in and out of the chair and is easily operated by a release tab at the back of the arm. Self-locks when the arm is returned to the upright position.


Footrest is scalloped to help prevent feet from slipping off the ends when in a reclined position and to assist in exiting the chair when in the down position.


Maple arm caps are available in a range of finishes and are designed with a beveled front grip to provide leverage when exiting the chair.

Range of motion

Back has infinite stops down to a full flat recline position.


Casters provide maneuverability when needed and lock when stability is desired.


Frame is constructed of welded steel to tackle 24/7 use and abuse.


Additional options include moisture barrier on the seat and contrasting textiles on the seat and back.