As healthcare experiences shift toward being more collaborative and preventative, the traditional waiting room lineup of chairs just doesn’t work. Neighbor provides patients and their partners-in-care with an experience that is not only comfortable and comforting it is also enabling. The Neighbor family of seating offers chairs, tables and couches that can be arranged to foster interactions and allow waiting rooms to be divided into separate, more intimate spaces. Award-winning designer, George Simons, created the simple, rectilinear lines of the Neighbor lounge seating making it a comfortable, but not overly contoured solution – allowing people to use the pieces in a variety of postures. The experience of waiting is changing and Neighbor helps you plan for this new active environment.


Seats, tables, and armrests configured in modular units create great spaces that perform multiple functions. Combinations and features readily support alternative postures, bariatric needs, and privacy.


Strength and cleanability are important in healthcare. Steel legs and frames provide structural integrity and ease of cleaning to withstand the rigors of 24/7 environments.


Clean lines and comfort combine to create a space within a space that offers visual and physical contentment. Seat height and depth, back angle, and strong, crisp lines come together to provide a pleasing environment.


People bring all kinds of things into the waiting environment – we welcome it all. Connecting tables and wide armrests support belongings and activities characteristic of active waiting areas.