Connection, Comfort, and Convenience – Sonata accommodates them all through mindful, modular solutions. Product choices can be tailored to the needs of each individual environment and because change happens, Sonata can be easily reconfigured or added to over time. With Sonata, connection means support for conversation, companionship, and treatment. The relationships between individuals in these spaces play important roles in the healing process. Supportive settings offer control and customization for a range of needs – with space for the care partner, sight lines for the care provider, and privacy without isolation for the patient. When people come together in meaningful ways, care is at its best. Sonata emphasizes comfort as a priority, both physical and emotional. Warm and welcoming, it creates home-like spaces for the patients and their families. Open personal storage provides a spot for big and small items, keeping them in sight. Places to plug in and a spot for a personal TV bring technology to the space, for entertainment or work. Sonata understands that for patients, caregivers and partners in care, it’s the small things that makes a big difference. Sonata makes a lot of sense in clinical environments, creating thoughtful conveniences for work process. Drawers provide medical supply storage at the patient side and a pullout surface supplies a spot for material prep. Wastebin storage is easily accessible but hidden from sight and worksurfaces are designed at appropriate heights for standing work. With Sonata, everything is in its place, right where it’s needed.