Design inspiration

Healthcare providers spend a lot of time on their feet – on average, a nurse stops for less than two minutes to do a given task. But for the brief moments of respite, Nurture presents the Verge™ stool. This stool can be approached from any angle and exited effortlessly. The foot ring gives the user a place to rest their feet for a comfortable seated position while charting or completing other tasks. The steel framework is robust enough to withstand the 24/7 environment of a hospital, but its design is lightweight enough to easily move and reposition. Available models include 27″ and 31″ heights with glides and a 21″ version with casters. All models are CAL 133 approved.

Features and benefits



Control of entry and exit, easy movement and posture change are thoughtfully considered in the design.


The comfort mechanism absorbs initial shock and provides an easy transition between sitting and standing.


Foot ring takes pressure off user’s back and legs.


Plastic glides are 13/4 inches in diameter to provide a larger footprint.


Verge is SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified for indoor air quality.