Sacred Heart Atherton

One Environment, many ways to learn. Sacred Heart Atherton expands to accommodate increases in student programs, celebrates their traditional roots and embraces 21st century technology and teaching. One Workplace Learning Environments partnered to design and deliver the new campus.

Lori Darrah Jones
Account Manager
Embracing the future for Sacred Heart meant integrating the latest research on learning styles linking neurological health to physiological activity. When students move better, they think better. Multiple flexible spaces were designed to meet instructor and student needs.
The campus environment supports new styles of learning whether in a classroom, hallway, outdoors or in a maker space. Flexible furniture, colorful paint and effective construction decisions created agnosticnclassrooms that could be tailored and specialized as needed for science, the humanities, and the arts.
Modular cabinetry used in all class environments and studios met all storage requirements and enhanced the overall flexibility of the space.
Architecture by WRNS and interiors by One Workplace collaborate to deliver the right space and equipment for classroom work, music, dance and photography studios, as well as reflection and rejuvenation.
Today Sacred Heart Atherton provides a modern and specialized facility to attract the best and brightest students. More importantly, with flexible architecture and furnishings, those environments adapt to meet individual students learning needs.

Photography by One Workplace

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