Helping you CONNECT the Dots

At One Workplace we understand the complex and demanding requirements of developing a highly functional yet flexible work environment. We have worked with multiple clients across the corporate field, from Fortune 500 companies, to startups. We’ve gained insight into how large and small companies work and have developed a unique set of skills to make the office furniture procurement process as smooth as possible for you.

Business has changed dramatically over the years. The way people work and the way businesses operate are constantly evolving. Companies need to stay flexible to keep up with these changes and find ways to accommodate their employees to minimize disruptions to workflow. As three generations continue to interact within the workplace, employers need to create adaptive work settings that will meet the needs of everyone.

The changing landscape of collaboration

Collaboration is everywhere today. We can help you create functional, flexible, and smart workspaces that will give your employees the ability to work together and collaborate, whether in a large project-team meeting or during an impromptu session. This flexibility to move from “I” to “we” spaces quickly helps your employees stay focused and productive. With a focus on furniture, technology and architecture integration, One Workplace creates dynamic workspaces that meet your company’s brand and budget.

From design specification through move management, our team of experts will work side-by-side with you to ensure a seamless process. We are here to focus on all of the details, big and small, so that you can continue to focus on your core business. We’ll stay committed to meeting your goals and staying within your budget, helping you meet your design objectives and your bottom line.

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