Bring people TOGETHER through technology


One Workplace designs, installs and maintains audiovisual systems for group collaboration, video conferencing, telepresence, presentation, training, and learning. We can provide a complete design-build solution from initial needs assessment to on-going maintenance of installed systems. By working closely with our furniture and construction product specialist, audiovisual systems integrated by One Workplace have the highest standards of aesthetics and ease of use in the industry.

Boardrooms | Meeting Rooms | Training Rooms

Boardrooms, conference rooms and training rooms are venues where traditional audiovisual systems have been found. These spaces, once limited to one-dimensional PowerPoint-type presentations, are now places where interactive collaboration regularly occur. Places where all participants can freely share and exchange ideas.

The One Workplace Technology Group works with its Furniture and Construction Product Groups to provide conference room audiovisual systems with the highest standards of aesthetics and ease of use. OWP understands that audiovisual systems that are simple to use, are the ones that get used most often.

We know that finding an available conference room can often be the most challenging part of a meeting. One Workplace has an array of meeting room scheduling solutions such as RoomWizard that will work seamlessly with your existing calendar systems such Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Speech Privacy & Sound Masking

In today’s modern work environment, where open plan bench seating is expected, a fine line exists between spaces that are conducive to collaboration and those that are prone to constant distraction. A properly implemented sound masking systems can both reduce distractions and increase speech privacy in both open plan and enclosed office space. One Workplace can evaluate your space to determine if sound masking is a viable solution, or not. We have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of sound masking for satisfied clients, in corporate, educational, healthcare and other vertical markets.

Videoconferencing | Telepresence

In today’s interconnected workplace, videoconferencing is about forming new social structures and relationships so that a company can behave as one integrated enterprise. Companies that implement videoconferencing save money, time, and strengthen office relationships while reducing their carbon footprint.

Once limited special purpose conference rooms, videoconferencing is now found throughout the workplace. One Workplace offers an array of scalable of videoconference solutions, from mobile devices to telepresence suites. Walk-up-and-use technologies are now available to allow spontaneous collaboration with co-workers, regardless of their locations.

One Workplace understands the special infrastructure requirements of videoconferencing spaces including lighting, acoustics, audiovisual and information technologies. We can provide the necessary design and infrastructure coordination to implement your enterprise-wide videoconferencing solutions.

Group Collaboration | Interactive Tools

Collaboration technologies, both wired and wireless, allow the exchange of ideas in a variety of venues, ranging from open plan office space, to active learning classrooms.

Steelcase’s media:scape line of furniture gives workers a new way to collaborate on demand. Simply open the media:well, connect numerous laptops and then share your screen with other connected users. OWP offers a large variety media:scape options to accommodate various group sizes and work styles. We can even connect your media:scape to an integrated audiovisual system to extend collaboration capabilities for large groups.

BYOD (Bring your own device): As more and more users integrate their personal mobile devices into their work lives, collaborative audiovisual technology will need to accommodate these devices. One Workplace offers a variety of enterprise-grade wireless collaboration solutions that work with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Lobby | Digital Signage | Videowall Displays

Digital Signage and Videowalls found in lobbies and other circulation spaces are audiovisual displays that can entertain, inform, tell your organization’s story, and even help your visitors find their way. The displays can “push” their content to the audience on a predetermined schedule or can be programmed for interactivity with the user.

As sound may be needed to convey your company’s message, One Workplace can provide audio systems for your digital signage that focuses sound where it wants to be heard and not everywhere else.

One Workplace can work with your organization to determine the best digital signage and videowall solution to convey your brand, message and story.

Content, Content, Content: Long after your videowalls and digital signage are installed, new and fresh content will need to be created, updated and stored. One Workplace can help you determine how your signage’s content is created, scheduled and stored, so that your company’s message remains compelling and fresh.

Command Control Centers | Network Operation Centers (NOC)

One Workplace can design, install and maintain audiovisual systems for Network Operations Centers (NOC), Emergency Operation Centers (EOC), Traffic Control Centers, Data Centers and other mission critical facilities. One Workplace brings a keen understanding of the visual acuity and 365/24/7 operation requirements for audiovisual displays of these essential facilities. One Workplace will work closely with your organization to determine the functional requirements of your operations and develop the audiovisual systems that best support them.