Traditional Medicinals

The new HQ for the pioneer and leading purveyor of wellness teas embraces sustainability, light, and wellbeing. For a company passionate about connecting people to the power of plants, including nature in every form possible was a goal.

Shelby Stone
Account Manager
When asking all staff to move into a new space, that environment needed to be comfortable and feel like home as soon as possible. The materials used are as natural and sustainable as possible, and the daylit work area, with more windows than walls, offers fantastic light and views outside the new location.
The color scheme works with Traditional Medicinals branding, and live plants throughout the space bring more of the outside in.
Our design team worked closely with Mary Dooley from MAD Architecture to find the best solutions, which included many personal touches from employees.
Organic and cohesive in design, the new headquarters is a physical manifestation of Traditional Medicinals' values. From connection to plants, embracing light and nature, to the kombucha stations in the cafe, TM staff have a perfect new home.

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