UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center

Meet the new UCSF School of Medicine world class teaching hospital and medical research mecca. Think massive, the Medical Center covers two city blocks, the largest healthcare project in the US in 40 years, with 3 name donors, it's comprised of 3 separate hospitals and the Gateway Medical Office Building.

Terry De La Cuesta
Executive Director Healthcare
UCSF School of Med brings together all disciplines, with hospitals specializing in Women, Children, and Cancer. Each is best in class for research and has its own distinct character. The project delivery to support this was also best in class. Stantec and DPR Construction led the integrated project team including One Workplace, to virtually design and construct the facility in the Integrated Center for Design and Construction (ICDC) onsite.
We worked closely with the project team and UCSF to conduct structured evaluation processes for each furniture choice with the end users, and we tested results with a voting process. This built strong user buy-in to the new space and furniture. With upwards of 10,000 ancillary pieces, 100 nurses’ stations, 600 admin stations, we managed close to 90 different manufacturers on this project.

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