VA Palo Alto

The need to provide better care for Veterans with mental health disorders has never been greater. The Mental Health Center at the VA Palo Alto campus set the new standard for VA facilities and is the new VA “Design Guide for Mental Health Facilities.”

Edith Gomez
Account manager
How does this new model better care for our veterans? Simple concepts like • Direct Line of Sight to Patient Areas from Nursing Core
• Outpatient Mental Health Services • 30% Single Rooms, 70% Two-Bed Rooms • Patient Centered Design • Units Designed to Flex in Size • Natural Light Filling 95% of Interior Spaces • Gardens and Outdoors Spaces Design Guide for VA Mental Health Facilities
The color palette of the finishes are drawn from nature. Access to the outdoors and nature balances circadian rhythms, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and elevates moods. Our design team selected the perfect surface materials, fabrics and paint with the veteran in mind.