One Workplace is a family-owned company that improves the lifestyle and efficiencies of organizations and their employees by creating integrated, flexible, and custom-tailored workspaces. Our customers are in the healthcare, educational, financial, and high-tech industries, and range from start-up to Fortune 500. We design successful workplace environment solutions that transform company culture and behavior by encouraging collaboration, fostering creativity, promoting productivity, and inspiring innovation.

As a one-stop shop, One Workplace is the only company that creates engaging workplaces through the integration of architecture, furniture, and technology expertise. With our specialization in these areas, along with our collaborative approach and team of experts, we are positioned to create environments that reinvent the industry.

Opened in 1925 as a bookstore, One Workplace is now Northern California’s largest commercial office furniture dealership. We have built a strong foundation and have three regional offices to serve the needs of companies in the Bay Area, as well as networks of global dealers to serve the requirements of multi-national corporations.

Our Expertise

At One Workplace we not only focus on the physical workspace, we explore how it relates to employee productivity, creativity and collaboration. Through the integration of architecture, office furniture and technology solutions, we create an environment that is tailored to the way you do business. We understand the kind of furniture you will need to integrate with the technology appliances of tomorrow, and how those needs may change in the future. One Workplace provides scalable solutions that will help you adapt to the ever-evolving changes in technology, business processes and the workforce.

Our Steelcase Partnership

One Workplace partners with over 300 furniture manufacturers, including Steelcase – the leading provider of office furniture worldwide. Steelcase makes it their business to study how people work and deliver solutions for flexible, adaptive, and accommodating work environments. Our alliance with Steelcase gives us access to the vast resource of research and development that Steelcase uses to determine how a specific product will meet a specific need. We use that knowledge to help you find the perfect fit for your unique space requirements.

Our Team

At One Workplace we understand the complex and demanding requirements of developing a highly functional yet flexible work environment. We have spent the past 87 years perfecting our ability to adapt and grow with an organization and its varying physical space needs. Our employees are experts in the industry and bring knowledge and experience to every project. When you choose to work with One Workplace you are choosing a partner who will work with you to transform the stress and challenge of moving or growing your organization into an exciting and collaborative process. We have mastered the art of change ourselves by evolving with our clients as we add new services and expertise to meet their needs.