Jan 05, 2022

A Return to the Workplace Checklist

Robbie Pitts
General Manager, Technology by One Workplace

Returning to the workplace or campus in 2022 is anything but business as usual. Making sure hygiene, floor plans and your network are ready is an all-hands endeavor that’s going to take everyone from HR and technology to marketing and facilities management. Here’s a checklist to help you get it all right.

Safety and Security

Seating, Space, and Collaboration


- Avoid calling from busy locations and mask your background or turn your camera off to minimize distractions.

- Mute your mic unless you are speaking.

- Ensure you have a fully charged, properly functioning headset at the start of each day.

- Optimize your network connection and troubleshoot connectivity before calls begin.

Conference and Training Rooms

Returning to the workplace or campus planning can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’re here. We can help turn your workplace or campus vision into a manageable strategy with a complimentary consultation that can point you to affordable and easy-to-implement solutions.

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