Urtometrics: Where Data Turns Into Insights

Data Driven Decisions

Workplace Consulting

Change is the only constant today. But navigating all of the new ways people work, teach, learn, and heal starts with understanding people. But it also means using data to create a bigger picture of the unique ways those people interact with their environments.

The Measurable Environment

Using Steelcase Workplace Advisor, a powerful analytical tool, we’re able to apply a systematic, data-driven approach to our design services for environments. It uses sensors to analyze behaviors, so you can design based on an informed decision. We take a deep look at the unique ways employees use your environment. And then we create a solution that brings process, culture, technology, and space together in a way that optimizes every interaction. It’s more than change – it’s the right kind of change. We call it Urtometrics.

An All-In Approach

Transformation change happens one person at a time. And from leaders and managers, to team members, it involves everyone in an organization. Our process engages the entire organization with the process, tools, and experts that support holistic, transformative change.

Sometimes Big Results Start Small

Making positive changes within your organization can seem overwhelming. We get it. That’s why our process is designed to keep change management simple and effective. We start with a small prototype, test it, and then rinse and repeat.