It started with a bike

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The Ferrari Family

A Family Company

In 1947, before there was One Workplace, there was Elmo Ferrari and his bicycle. He finished every delivery with a handshake and the question “What else can I help you with today?” That set the foundation for service and a family-oriented culture three generations later.


Mark Ferrari


Dave Ferrari

Executive Vice-President

Julie Jarvis

What We Value


We think big but work small, innovate through relentless curiosity, and treat each other – and our clients – like family. Over the past 70 years, we haven’t forgotten who we are, and we’ve never stopped changing.

We think big but work small

Helping our clients bring big visions to life is what we do. Working like a small, local company is how we do it.

We Never Forget Where We Came From

And that means treating each other – and our clients – like family.

We innovate and we are relentlessly curious

Figuring things out and challenging the status quo helps us create industry-defining solutions.

We Work Together. But We’re Always Ourselves

We embrace differences, quirks, and unique perspectives. That’s why we end up working better together.

We Aim for Above and Beyond

Everything we do has the same goal: to surprise everyone – including ourselves.

We Do Good Work, The Right Way

We’re proud of our work. And we take pride in leaving our communities better than how we found them.

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Our Brands

We’re growing! Here are some of the great brands that are part of the One Workplace family.

Team leaders

Experts for Your Industry

When you work with us you’ll get a team that understands your industry. Here are the people we have leading the charge.

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Workplace Market Manager

Olivia Carson

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Systems Administrator

Rick Mercado

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Director of Business Transformation

Bryan Ferrari

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Director of Audience Development

Carolyn Clark Beedle

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Manager Strategic Resources, AV Technology

Chris Park

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Design Studio Manager

Lisa Welty-O'Hare

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Budgets and Financial Accounting Manager

Matt Miles

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Account Executive

Clay Jameson

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