Feb 14, 2023

To Find Meaningful Work, You Must Find Meaning in Your Work

As younger generations enter the workforce, meaning has taken center stage. It’s no longer so much about what they can do for any given company – it’s what that company can help them do for the world. Meaning leads to fulfillment. And fulfillment leads to greater productivity and higher retention.

However, hybrid models tend to muddy the meaning waters. Not working in a physical location can dissolve the sense of alignment employees have with their company’s larger mission.

To make matters more difficult, many employees expect their organizations to provide meaning and fulfilment with no effort on their part to draw connections between their daily work and the greater good.

A fulfilling professional career takes personal investment and ownership. It also takes a mindful strategy from management. For hybrid organizations, achieving this alignment between mission-minded work and lofty expectations for fulfilment requires a mindset where meaning is created, not given. Here are three ideas to help.

More Meaning. A Clear Purpose:
3 Ways to Make Hybrid Work More Fulfilling

Making Hybrid Work Feel Meaningful

Helping employees feel engaged with your organization’s larger mission while also feeling fulfilled with their work through a computer monitor can often feel like an uphill battle. It’s easy to overlook the incredible role that mission plays in personal and professional development unless you make a concerted effort to build it into your hybrid strategy.

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