Seattle Public Utilities

The City of Seattle wanted to learn how to make better spaces and think about making the office a destination. Working with our partners at Steelcase, we developed a pilot space so employees could experience working in a dynamic and active space.

Gwen Leonard
Account Executive, Government Environments
This multi-modal, residentially inspired, setting was designed to accommodate both small or large group interactions, allowing plenty of space for users to take turns at the front of the space.
Informal meeting areas located throughout circulation spaces encourage impromptu communication. More interactions lead to more collaboration, knowledge sharing and idea generation.
Though in the open, this shielded collaborative space helps contain sound while creating visual and territorial separation from the rest of the space.
An easily accessible space to gather before or after a larger meeting, or a spot for a small group to collaborate in a relaxed setting.
This comfortable lounge setting, paired with tiered seating, allows groups to meet in an informal environment. This team space fosters sharing new ideas and gives virtual participants equal sharing opportunities.
The Work Café transforms underutilized real estate into an on-site destination where workers can meet, work, or socialize. A scalable, nurturing environment that’s indicative of the City’s culture and brand, the Work Café is both a retreat and a place to engage.
Post and Beam defines the meeting space and provides a sense of enclosure. While the standing-height tables and light-scale stools allow everyone to perch and contribute equally while maintaining eye contact.

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