Downtown College Prep

There was a time when only 1 in 100 low-income students in San Jose graduated from college. That time is no longer. Since 1999, over 1000 DCP alumni have made the dream of college a reality, and we are proud to be a part of that change.

Randy Schmoyer
Project Manager
Jen Andaluz, a co-founder with a vision, has a relentless belief that all students can discover their power to change the world when college-going becomes part of their identity. She built a world class facility to honor the work they were doing. Bill Gould designed amazing architecture and OWP did furniture planning and design.
Our whole team was inspired by the mission of the school and the passion of the people leading it. We knew failure was not an option. Our Project Management made sure the aggressive schedule was met, we sent as many guys as needed, sometimes double the work force.
DCP alumni have among the highest rates of college matriculation and are four times more likely to graduate from college than their peers nationwide. DCP’s values - desire, community, pride -have been central to realizing their mission.