Confidential Healthcare Client - Pilot Hub

Shedding their cube farms, this healthcare client launched a one-year pilot space to test flexible furniture options. It captures their strategic vision to use space as a service.

Brianne Hall
Design Program Manager
Desks are, of course, included in the space, but there is so much more. Enclosed spaces for private meetings, three open collaboration spaces supporting different postures, and conversation rooms with different lounge settings.
They have flipped their outlook on the office and totally reexamined how they bring people back. Knowing many people will continue to work from home, this client wanted a Hub with nimble spaces that would invite people to rethink how they work when in the office.
Employees are testing the Hub and providing feedback. Leaders are getting buy-in for a new model of work. Flexibility in design allows for evolving human interaction with space and keeping up with technological advances.

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