We think big but work small, innovate through relentless curiosity, and treat each other - and our clients - like family. Over the past 70 years, we haven't forgotten who we are, and we've never stopped changing.

A family company. In 1947, before there was One Workplace, there was Elmo Ferrari and his bicycle. He finished every delivery with a handshake and the question "What else can I help you with today?" That set the foundation for service and a family-oriented culture three generations later. Today, the company remains deeply rooted in its heritage with the ongoing commitment of 10 family members ensuring that the legacy of dedication and personalized service endures.

Meet the Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Mark Baker
Chief Financial Officer
Mona Heffernan
Chief People Officer
Laura Harmon
Chief Creative Officer
Christopher Good
Chief Marketing Officer
Kelly Steitz
Chief Information Officer
Le Lu
Vice President of Operations
James Collier
Vice President of Sales
Dave Bryant
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Joanna Thompson, Ph.D
General Manager - One Workplace, Seattle/Spokane
Trevor Croghan
General Manager - One Workplace, Sacramento
Graham Wallace
General Manager - Technology by One Workplace
Doug Dodge
President - Splice
Scott Davis
Partner - TWO
Brian Wilson
Partner - TWO
Brian Buhl
Studio Director - Etc. Studio
Lindsay Foster
Partner - Porter
Kyle Haakenson
Partner - Porter
Kathleen Selke
Co-Founder - House of Sorcery
Duffy Dearmas