OKTA San Francisco Commons

OKTA's challenge: create a 14K SF space in the San Francisco HQ to inspire every employee with pride and a sense of belonging. This joyful experience, designed and curated by Blitz literally down to the flower petal...was built with the same attention to detail by Novo Construction and further enlivened by creative resources from One Workplace and Etc.Studio.

Angela Thomas
Account Excutive
The "Love Letter to San Francisco" serves as the employee commons connecting all OKTA occupied floors in the HQ building. Wandering playfully across neighborhoods and past City highlights with workspaces, engagement, and amenity spaces (like this mini golf course tribute to the Conservatory of Flowers,) while the central core offers more quiet spaces.
Colorful murals, environmental graphics and layered decor tap the diversity of the City's ethnic neighborhoods, with abundant live and whimsical references to city parks and paths and loads of informal gathering and work style choices to meet every need. Original art and so many suprising delights are crafted with great care.
Slated for LEED Gold and WELL Gold Certification, reconfigurability is intentionally designed wherever possible. A tech enabled boardroom/multi function space by day, this room magically transforms to a luxurious dining space for special occasions, and flexibile furniture solutions were carefully chosen to support all sustainability goals.
Moving through Telegraph Hill and Golden Gate Park gathering spaces and huddle rooms, the winding walk down Lombard Street to the Castro Theatre and Okta-torium creative workshop space offer variety and connection. Thoughtful disappearing technology, expansive evening views, rich drapes and candle light add to the transformative design of the boardroom. Not one inch of the Commons is unplanned.

Photography by Bruce Damonte Video by Lloyd Ranola Ground and Aerial Imagery

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