UC Davis Health PCC

Developing modern, progressive design and furniture standards for UC Davis Health presented a challenge and a huge opportunity. A team of superstars assembled, led by DGA and UC Davis with major contribution by Rudolph & Sletten, McCarthy Building Companies and One Workplace to create the UC Davis Health System future office ... and a big step forward for design in Sacramento.

Gary Reed
Account Manager
Combining groups into one new facility meant a merging of cultures, and replacing offices with an open plan filled with focus and collaborative areas meant learning new behaviors. Confidentiality and the need for privacy are addressed through conveniently located focus and huddle rooms and ancillary spaces.
Biophilia, natural light and views to outside, clear interior vistas and glazing for enhanced transparency all contribute to the new look and feel at the UC Davis Health Patient Call Center. Great partners from our UC Davis teammates, to my team, Rudolph & Sletten and One Workplace, all delivered craftmanship, attention to detail and collaboration to build our successful project. Robi Kaseman, Principal, DGA

Photography by One Workplace