Achieve Academy

Refreshing a school structure built in the 1940's to meet 21st century learning needs on a streamlined budget is the kind of challenge Artik Art + Architecture embraces, and our One Workplace Learning Environments team is the perfect partner to help make the dream come true. Community and legacy were reinforced by our project PM, Sammy DeLeon, who grew up in the neighborhood and sent his son to this elementary school.

Jessica Hernandez
Account Executive
Using color to enliven the school while maintaining the historical structure was an intentioanl design decision. The original molding and window mullions stand out as design features while new built in pieces match the colorways.
Hard not to smile with the bright murals and color driven wayfinding. And when you enter the classrooms, the mix of old and new furniture offers student choice, supports collaboration and is all together through finish slections.

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