Eastern Washington University

We were able to meet directly with user groups on spaces where the spaces use wasn’t seen as efficient, leveraging our expertise and experience in this specific category, resulting in better performing spaces at a reduced design cost. By utilizing our integrated project delivery team, we were able to keep the project on schedule and on budget while working with the client to develop creative and functional combinations within each space.

Courtney Dohnal
Education Environments and Eastern Washington, Account Executive
The renovation focused on achieving maximum student benefit.

A variety of lounge pieces in classic shapes and tones complete this bright seating area and allow for a range of users to feel at home, whether they are getting in some quiet study time or working with a group.
OpenSquare provided all of the furnishings and design of multiple spaces that included: multiple common areas, dining spaces, meeting rooms, a career center, private offices, a multi-cultural center, student organization workspaces, and technology center.
The Community Room provides the first impression of this building with furniture and finishes that are more luxurious. Listening to the clients concerns about the rigidity of sit in the selected loveseats, we worked diligently with the manufacturer to increase the softness of the foam by 20%, creating custom pieces the client loved.
Bold signage helps guide students and faculty on the third floor to each specialty center. Each specialty was encouraged to select from a range of textiles in the specific color palette to allow them a chance to participate in the creation of the department's identity.
Integrated power, flexible and mobile furniture, as well as accessible collaboration tools are all on display through the floor to ceiling glass walls, enticing students passing by.

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