Bakar Precision Cancer Medical Building

The PCMB is the latest addition to the UCSF Medical Center campus. The facility layout is inspired by four key design principles: Precision, Transparency, Integration, and Activation. OWP Healthcare continued our work with project architect Stantec weaving these principles throughout the interiors.

Natalie Reilley
Healthcare Programs Manager
Patients and passersby can see throughout the PCMB environment, demystifying the building and humanizing cancer treatment.
With an innovative and progressive approach, PCMB goes well beyond traditional treatment methods. The 179,000-square foot cancer facility houses 120 exam rooms, 47 chemotherapy infusion bays, and 19 different types of imaging services.
Precision medicine is designed to offer novel approaches and personalized treatment to patients. The building brings together top researchers, oncologists, surgeons, and other clinicians to foster new treatments and speed their delivery to patients.

photography by David Wakeley

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