Feb 24, 2021

Two Favorite Projects

Two Favorite Projects

We celebrate the success of every project and the satisfaction of each customer and project team, and we track the impact completed projects make in our community and on our industry. Our 2020 People’s Choice Project Awards go to two recent projects deeply influential in the Sacramento community.

UC Davis Health opened a new Patient Call Center (PCC) last year with support from an all-star local project team. Assembled by UC Davis, the project team delivered crisp, inviting design by DGA brought to high quality reality by Rudolph & Sletten, McCarthy Building Companies and One Workplace. The PCC developed and unveiled the new UC Davis Health System ‘future office’ and made a big step forward for workplace design in Sacramento.

Numerous UC Davis Health groups were brought together in this new facility which meant a merging of cultures, and the open plan layout filled with focus and collaborative areas replacing private offices drove new behaviors for every employee. Conveniently located focus and huddle rooms along with spacious ancillary spaces address the need for confidentiality and privacy. And yes, there have been modifications suggested for Covid safety.

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photo by One Workplace

DPR Construction worked with SmithGroup, an art consultant and a group of local artists to design, build, tell stories, and make connections with their new Midtown Sacramento office. It celebrates community and sustainability, and we're proud to be a part of this amazing project.

Heavy timber frames and warms the interior space, while the scale and openness spotlight all the art on display. This experience begins outside on the Midtown sidewalk, and clients, project partners and Sacramento residents understand there's something special going on.

DPR’s goal was an environment to support their mission and values: Integrity, Uniqueness, Enjoyment, Ever Forward, and the project team delivered all that and more. The result was a sustainable building that wasn’t just good for the environment, but also for the occupants. By choosing wood rather than conventional steel and concrete, DPR was able to sequester 170 tons of carbon from the structure and met LEED Platinum standards by offsetting energy used with onsite photovoltaic solar energy generation to produce 105% of its needed power.

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photo by Chad Davis

Ground breaking projects, UC Davis Health PCC supports the health of our regional community and sets a new bar for Sacramento workplace design, while DPR Construction invigorates Midtown, celebrates local artists, and demonstrates the DPR commitment to sustainable building. Congratulations to our 2020 Peoples Choice Award winners.