Rex Fortune Elementary School

Rex Fortune, the first transitional kindergarten through 6 grade elementary school for the Center Joint Unified School District in Roseville, CA opened to students in Fall 2023. Focused on STEAM programming, Rex Fortune was designed by AC Martin, built by Clark/Sullivan Construction with interior design and application support by One Workplace Sacramento.

Patrick McGiff
Market Development Manager
This project was all about flexibility and mobility. A strong partnership between AC Martin and the school district balanced facility needs with the educational vision and our team provided fully mobile, flexible, durable classroom spaces that can quickly change to accommodate different teaching styles and move between different grade levels effectively leveraging every inch of space. Patrick McGiff
The 13.2-acre site will serve up to 1,000 students with 40 flexible classrooms. Two current classrooms open to the outdoors to extend the STEAM and maker spaces. The project was inspired by and named for the late former superintendent, Dr. Rex Fortune.
We specified mobile storage in place of built-in casework and individual mobile desk modules to allow for individual learning and group learning. Classrooms are designed so no students are ever "in the back of the class" and teachers can teach from all four walls on mobile white boards that also function as as window coverings and sliding storage doors.

Photography by Chip Allen and Smith System

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