Moss Adams

Moss Adams, one of the largest Accounting/Consulting/Wealth Management practices, chose to have no assigned private offices in their workplace – including for firm partners. With even the C Suite sitting in open workstations, we worked closely with NBBJ to support every worker with a variety of workspace designs to meet their work style needs.

Hal Breier
Commercial Environments, Account Executive
With 3,200 partners and employees based in their 33 offices up and down the West Coast and as far east as Kansas City, Moss Adams is the largest fully integrated professional services firm headquartered in the Western US, committed to delivering deep industry knowledge through a firmwide culture of possible.
Moving from traditional accounting firm design to an open plan and free address spaces, OpenSquare partnered with NBBJ and Moss Adams to design a workstation and ancillary standards program to support every employee. From their Seattle location and 16 other offices completed through 2021, we continue development and implementation of their various offices around the Western US.
“As an organization you must put in the hard work of clarifying your goals, studying different options, conducting workshops, focus groups and change management sessions, evaluating survey results and thoroughly vetting the findings. Only then can you start to shape the model that will be successful for you.” Wade McIntyre, Moss Adams Director of Real Estate and Procurement
This approach to standardization allowes greater flexibility in the workspace while reducing the frustration of inconsistencies. As folks move from one office location to another, there is increased productivity from the continuity in the types of spaces, technology and amenities they can access.

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