Northern California Fertility Medical Clinic

For 25 years, making your dream a reality has been the mission of the Northern California Fertility Medical Clinic. When they began planning the move to their new 20,000 sq ft home, NCFMC turned to Williams + Paddon and One Workplace to create the perfect relaxing, calm environment to help make this happen.

Nadia Moore
To create a spa ambiance in this fertility clinic, colors and materials, finishes and decor were all carefully chosen to calmly delight the visitor and to deliver high performance.
The interior design actively aims to lower stress with intentional lighting solutions that adjust to work with the natural light the building provides. The outdoor views are magnified with biophilic art selections.
We worked closely with W+P designer Lauren Wagner to come up with solutions for both the patient spaces and the staff offices that delivered comfort and beauty. Steelcase, Coalesse and bluDot met all the criteria.

Chip Allen Photography

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